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Vision-driven, innovative sculptor who studied Art History at Vassar College and Ceramics at Kansas City Art Institute, and received her M.F.A. in Sculpture at Columbia University. Dedicated teacher who has steadily expanded the sculpture program at Hackley School over the past 22 years, and is currently developing an art program for undocumented teens at the Abbot House in Irvington, NY. Artist specializing in creating sculptures, prints, and large-scale commissions at her studio in the historic Carpet Mills Arts District in Yonkers, NY. Recognized for her strong commitment to social justice and its integration as a central theme within her work as an educator and as an artist. Proven track record of ideating and managing collaborative art projects to build community and encourage engagement among diverse stakeholders.

Career Highlights

  • 20+ year record of success as an art instructor to students 1st – 10th grade, teaching the fundamentals of two- and three-dimensional design while encouraging creative expression and exploration.

  • Spearhead art curriculum development at Hackley School, integrating proven and cutting-edge methodologies to instruct students across art history, theory, and practical application.

  • Directed the design, development, and delivery of 5 public art commissions in Westchester County, governing collaborative projects with students, artists, and architects as the Lead Project Manager.

  • Crafted and executed the strategic vision of each commissioned project, guiding the completion of all deliverables within a clearly defined timeline, budget, and scope.  

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